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The information contained in our website and in the links below does not constitute medical advice. Its purpose is to help educate and inform you and to help you develop an understanding of your condition or treatment so that you can ask questions and discuss what you learn with your physician. This is NOT intended to take the place of evaluation and discussion with your doctor. Use this simply to help further the discussion with your healthcare professionals

Pain Management:
Managing Cancer Pain Causes, treatments (including complementary), info for caregivers

Pain Management From MD Anderson Cancer Center, this gives info helpful to anyone with pain. Talks about pain medications, non-drug treatments and more. Includes the next article.
What you Can Do to Help Control Your Pain

Universal Precautions in Pain Medicine: The Treatment of Chronic Pain With or Without the Disease of Addiction Douglas L. Gourlay, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FASAM; Howard A. Heit, MD, FACP, FASAM

Reclaiming Your Life in Spite of Chronic Pain Fom Mayo Clinic

Ethical Perspectives on Pain and Suffering Betty Farrell, Ph.D.

Implementing Pain Management Guidelines Karen S. Heller, PhD

The Management of Acute, Chronic and Cancer Pain American Society of Anesthesiologists

Pain Management and End-of-Life Care:

Relieving Pain at End-of-Life From Innovations in End-of-Life Care. Resources on pain assessment, treatment, patient and family education and more.

End-of-life Issues and Care: Issues to Consider When Exploring End-of-Life Decisions

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