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Our Mission & Goals


Our mission is to promote more ethical health partnerships throughout the network of relationships that forms healthcare. By ‘ethical’ we mean relationships that are characterized by:
      Personal responsibility and accountability
      Care and value of the well-being of the other as much as that of oneself
      Justice and fairness to all

      Collaboration (See What Is Relationship for more on ethical relationship)


Through education, advocacy and legislative action, our goals are:

  • To contribute to the quality of healthcare, the safety of the patient, and more responsible and effective management of the costs of healthcare.

  • To empower patients both in their own healthcare and in shaping healthcare policy.

  • To promote policies which serve to strengthen the patient/physician relationship and the relationships with other healthcare practitioners involved in the patient’s care.
  • To value and protect the quality and availability of our healthcare by supporting the well-being of those who care for us while maintaining patient-centered focus.

  • To support the legitimate needs of third parties without permitting the damage or undue burden on patients and their doctors, nurses and other practitioners.

  • To make ethical partnership the guiding principle to achieve the goals of healthcare -- quality care to promote optimal health for the patient.

As always, I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions about the material on this website and how we can all be most effective in co-creating the kind of healthcare system we all want.
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