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Medical Malpractice

justice for physicians

Permission to Duplicate :
You are welcome to duplicate any materials that you download for your office or patients hosted on our site. We ask only that you keep our identifying information (just name and website) on all materials that you use. If you have feedback or concerns about anything we have included, please contact us. We want to continue revising the materials to best meet your needs



Malpractice Overview  

Defines malpractice, injured patient needs, effects of current system on all of us, who contributes to the problem.

Patient Injury: An Ethical Health Partnership Approach:
A 3-part series
  Explores limitations of current medical malpractice liability system, phases of healing and repair when injury occurs. An ethical health partnership approach that includes a non-adversarial approach that provides justice to both patients and physicians is discussed. Additional links included.


Tort Reform

  Reviews major features of reform to the medical malpractice liability system. Reform is needed to stabilize the system, but will not fix the core defects.

Links to articles on Medical Malpractice from other Sources   * Effects of the medical malpractice system and tort system on care and health costs
* Addressing the Crisis
* For Physicians (prevention and support when named in a claim)
* For Nurses
* Statistics

As always, I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions about the material on this website and how we can all be most effective in co-creating the kind of healthcare system we all want.
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