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An Ethical Approach to Patient Injury

Overview of Sections

This article explores a more ethical and comprehensive approach to patient injury. The four basic elements are to:
* Prevent Injury
* Communicate in an honest, empathic, and open manner
* Repair, compensate and support patient and physician through the process
* Improve the system of care based on what is learned from the injury

Patient Injury: An Ethical Partnership Approach: An Ethical Approach to Repair in Medical Injuries
by Dawn J. Lipthrott

Part 1: Overview and Preventing Injury:
         System and individual error:
         Patients and their families as ethical health partners in patient safety
Part 2:  When injury occurs -- honest, open and empathic communication--the beginning of repair 
Part 3:  Repair –– compensate and support patient and physician through the process; prevent future error. Looks at alternatives to the current tort system that would be fair to all.
Full article for print (pdf) or (html)

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