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Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW
Ethical Health Partnerships
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Ethical Challenges and Invitations:
One of the goals of this website is to issue challenges to co-create ethical health partnership which would result in a healthcare system in which ALL parties take responsibility for safety, quality care, respect and an ethical network of relationships. I firmly believe that a commitment to ethical health partnership is essential for any significant reform and renewal to take place. If we were to make that commitment, patient safety and health would be paramount, the well-being of our physicians and other healthcare professionals would be honored, costs would be reduced, more people could afford adequate insurance, patients would be more educated and empowered to be true partners in their healthcare, and the core relationship of doctor and patient would be strengthened. The system would become more responsible and at the same time more collaborative and focused on the purpose of the system, quality health care for all.

Each profession, each specialty within the healthcare professions, insurance companies, network management companies, pharmaceutical companies, government, the legal profession, hospitals, medical boards, medical office staff, patients themselves and all others who impact and are therefore, part of the healthcare system would take charge of their own part of both the problem and the solutions. Each group knows at some level what they should be doing differently. People and groups lose hope because each sees themselves as victims of someone else. Taking responsibility for one's own contribution empowers more effective and lasting transformation.

From this site and through correspondence with different groups, I will issue ethical health partnership challenges to each group or industry that is part of the system. My hope is that each group will either take the challenge as is, or refine it to challenge themselves even more.

Transparency and Collaboration:
Part of each challenge will encourage the group and/or individuals to post the challenges on their websites, to create ways for members of that group, patients and others, to give suggestions, and to post their progress, difficulties and creative solutions, on the website. I believe that this openess will encourage the best creative thinking, promote accountability, and inspire others. It will also help restore confidence in the system by patients, physicians, and the public at large.

Help me Flood the Healthcare System with these Challenges:
One letter from me, may or may not encourage groups to challenge themselves. YOU can help by sending the appropriate ethical challenges and invitations to YOUR insurance companies and regulatory boards, to YOUR legislators, to YOUR state medical associations, to YOUR state bar association, and all those people and organizations that are part of the healthcare world where YOU live. AND, you can help create the flood, one letter and one person at a time, by forwarding information about this website or the challenges to everyone you know and encouraging them to join you. Whether you are patient, physician, secretary, administrator, reporter, legislator or anyone else, YOU can help make a difference. Do it NOW!

Click on the following links for ethical challenges/invitations:
* Government (State and Local)
* Insurance and Network Management Companies
* Legal Profession
* Media
* Medical office staff
* Medical schools
* Medical supply
* Nurses
* Other healthcare professionals
* Patients
* Pharmaceutical companies
* Physicians
* Regulatory Boards (Insurance)
* Regulatory Boards (Physician and healthcare professional)


As always, I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions about the material on this website and how we can all be most effective in co-creating the kind of healthcare system we all want. E-mail me at

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