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Who I Am . . .And Who I Hope We Become

Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW

I begin now, at the end of October, 2004 as one person beginning a patient initiative in which we all will work to do the very thing described in our purpose. This is not my day job. My 'day job' is to help couples and other adults co-create better and more intentional and honoring relationships. I do counseling and workshops as described on my work website The Relationship Learning Center.

Creating ethical health partnerships has become a priority to me after a personal experience of very good care by my surgeon and what I saw as an injustice to her by my insurance company. (See story here.} As I researched in my efforts to understand how numerous issues and entities impacted my physicians and me, I realized that piecemeal solutions will not solve the healthcare crisis, any more than throwing money at it will. There is a more fundamental aspect of relationship that impacts the whole system. . . and ALL of us are responsible for the problems and the solutions.

My goal is to provide information and resources to create positive changes in healthcare that strengthen the patient and physician relationship and those with other healthcare professionals, that increase patient safety and quality of care, and that create more ethical health partnerships that are characterized by fairness, personal responsibility, caring, valuing of the other, integrity, and honesty. Quote on doing what can

To do that I plan to talk with health professionals, patients and others to gain their perspective and suggestions for shaping our system and taking positive action. I want to provide information and resources to empower patients and healthcare professionals. My hope is that this will grow from one to hundreds of thousands of people taking action to impact healthcare in a positive way. This is a work in progress. The growing partnerships will shape it. (I want your ideas!)

This site is not a mouthpiece of either physicians or patients, but I hope to give a voice to and advocate for both. I want a partnership that honors the well-being of both at the expense of neither. I believe other groups and industries also deserve to earn a profit, but not in a way that damages me, my physicians and other practitioners, or the quality of my healthcare. I want to return to the centrality of the patient/physician relationship, but also to co-create it in a more mutual and mature way.

I will also be contacting others who form the healthcare system . . .nurses and other providers of patient care, office staff, insurance companies, attorneys, government officials and others who already impact our care and the patient physician relationship. I want to stop finger-pointing and to call all parties, including myself, to take personal responsibility to co-create more ethical relationships in the web of relationships that is our healthcare system.

As always, I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions about the material on this website and how we can all be most effective in co-creating the kind of healthcare system we all want.
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