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Welcome to Ethical Health Partnerships

Healthcare is a network of relationships. The values, views and behaviors of each partner in that network, impacts all the others. Over the years third parties have increasingly shaped healthcare. The personal relationships and the ethical values that we could count on from all parties have become blurred and sometimes forgotton. The patient is not always the priority. The physician-patient relationship has been progressively weakened. It is time for us to bring back our healthcare to an ethical context that shapes decisions, policies, goals, and partnerships.

With this website we want to empower patients and professionals, as well as other partners in healthcare, to do just that -- to create partnerships that are profoundly ethical in order to provide quality care and optimal health. (See our statement of Mission & Goals)

To put our goals and actions in context, I encourage you to first read, What IS Partnership and What IS Ethical? and Who Is to Blame for the Healthcare Crisis?

What You Will Find On Our Website
1. Information and calls to action about important issues affecting physicians and patients, nurses, other practitioners and third party partners. Mead quote on making a difference

We believe these issues must be addressed together by all of us, patients, professionals and others. No one group can succeed on their own. We need to use the strength of our relationships, and the context of ethical partnership, to effectively transform healthcare. These issues and relationships affect the well-being and health of all of us, patients and professionals, as well as the quality and availability of our care.

This section will include information on issues, ways you can make a difference in your healthcare, and invitiations to more ethical partnership for all partners. We hope individuals and groups will transcend territorial and political party lines for quality, ethical healthcare.
(Go to our Calls to Ethical Partnership section.)

2. Information to empower patients in their own health and well-being.

We provide links to reputable websites related to specific medical conditions, tests, procedures, tips, etc. to help you find reliable information. It is your responsibility as an adult to educate yourself as a patient so that you can become a partner with your physician and healthcare professionals.

You need to have enough knowledge to be able to ask questions, to make sure you understand risks, benefits, options and your treatment plan and responsibilities, and to better do your part in taking care of your health. We also believe that informed patients can enter into a treatment plan or procedure more wholeheartedly and with greater peace and many times can significantly help shape the quality of their care and experience. (Go to our Patient Medical Resources section.)

Agree and Act, or Disagree and Help Build:

Whether you are a patient, a physician, a nurse, a medical office employee, an attorney, a legislator, or one of the many other partners in the network, you may not agree with all we present here. And that can help us! We want to provide information and resources to look at important factors that impact our care and we believe people with different views hold important pieces of the puzzle. We want the information we present to stimulate your own thinking and empower you to take action on those aspects you can support and to respectfully offer ways we can build ever more solid foundations for quality healthcare.

It IS about life for all of us.

As always, I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions about the material on this website and how we can all be most effective in co-creating the kind of healthcare system we all want.
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